Wigs and hairpieces have been around for centuries. Thankfully they have come a long way from what they once were. Today, of all the hair restoration options available, wigs and hair pieces are some of the most inexpensive solutions. They are a particle solution for many women that suffer from female pattern baldness, trichotillomania, alopecia, or chemotherapy-related hair loss.

Wigs and Hairpieces - Hair Replacement Systems for Women - San Ramon, CAClients often have a consultation with a hair loss specialist to determine the best solution for their needs. The stylist will then fit and style the hairpiece to the client’s specifications. The client would then come back with follow-up appointments every few weeks.

Full wigs, partial hair pieces, and men’s and women’s hair replacement systems are some options a client can choose depending on their hair loss needs. Full wigs are ideal for women who have little to no hair; hair pieces are good for women who have partial baldness, and can be attached to their existing hair or integrated into the hair for a natural look; non-surgical hair replacement systems are attached to the scalp with glue and require some upkeep.

A hairpiece or hair replacement can be customized to an individual’s desired look. The hair is chosen to custom make these, hair color, texture, natural curl, wave or straightness, and hair thickness are all taken into consideration so the hair used can be matched to the client’s natural hair color. All hair pieces and hair replacement systems will require some maintenance. Typically, you would have to go back every four to six weeks for cleaning and rebonding.

Personal Connection to Clients

When it comes to helping people with hair loss, hair specialists at Jeanne Gori take steps beyond just hair to make their clients happy. There is a process that the client and stylists go through. They take time to know the client’s concerns which helps the specialist to understand what they expect and then the best option can be suggested.

For clients that must undergo chemotherapy treatments for cancer, it can be very emotional. They come to a hair restoration studio desperate for your help with their hair loss. It can take up to one to three weeks for your hair to begin to fall out after starting chemotherapy. It can take another 10 months for your hair to grow back when the treatments have stopped.

Some women come into our studio when it is time to shave the rest of their hair off. That is often very emotional. Some even cry, and they become overwhelmed with sadness. Then there are those women that say, “Let’s do it.” Every client is different.

Often, clients who are going through chemotherapy will ask for the mirror to be covered so they don’t have to see them shave off their remaining hair. Cancer can be scary enough but when you are concerned about hair loss as well, it can be an emotional time.

In the end, the clients are delighted when they see themselves in hair again. It allows them to feel like they are still themselves while fighting cancer and its treatments. Wigs, hair pieces, and hair replacement systems allow clients to have the hair they desire. As a hair restoration studio, seeing patients who were so sad and now delighted and smiling with what you have done for them is very gratifying.