best mens hair replacement oakland californiaMen and women can both lose their hair. The question that comes up is what can be done about it. Just look around and you see televisions ads, internet posts, and print media that pushes products that claim to miraculously end hair loss and help you grow hair again. But how many of these claims have any truth in them?

Causes of Hair Loss in San Ramon & Fremont

A lot of people believe that baldness is hereditary. While hereditary hair loss is the most common, there are many causes of hair loss in both men and women, including medical treatments, environmental and physiological causes. Medical conditions like lupus, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances, just to name a few, can cause hair loss in men and women of all ages. Environmental hair loss can refer to harsh hair treatment and hairstyles, bacterial and fungal infections. Then there are extreme emotions that can cause balding.

Types of Hair Loss That Can Be Treated

If you are someone experiencing alopecia (a medical term for hair loss) there is hope. A majority of hair loss types are treatable. Depending on the cause of your hair loss, clinically proven hair loss treatment programs such as low-level laser hair loss therapy may be effective, as well as non-surgical hair replacement for men and women provide excellent long term hair loss options. The choice of treatment is dependent upon the underlying cause of the hair loss as well as the patient’s individual lifestyle and hair loss treatment goals. Corrections to diet and ensuring you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, and proteins can help stimulate hair growth if baldness is the result of a poor diet.

Hair loss can be caused by styling your hair too tightly, with other hair damage and loss occurring as a result of chemical processing that takes place. The solution here is to simply correct that habit. By avoiding these styles and treatments, you allow your hair follicles and scalp to recover and repair itself, thereby allowing new hair to grow.

When your hair loss is due to genetics, treatments become a bit more involved. Non-surgical hair replacement may be a viable solution, while Laser Hair Therapy is also options for individuals in the early stages of hair loss. It can help to stimulate the hair follicles encouraging them to grow hair that is healthier and stronger.

Consult a San Ramon & Fremont California Hair Loss Specialist

Trying to diagnose and treat hair loss alone is never a good idea. When you don’t know for sure what the cause of your hair loss is, it can be extremely frustrating and expensive with no guarantee of seeing results. Seeking the advice of a hair replacement professional who can determine the cause of your hair loss and recommend appropriate treatments or solutions, can ensure that you are taking the proper, healthiest approach to your hair restoration journey.

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