Like me, I am sure you have heard that washing your hair less is better for the health of your hair. What does washing your hair too much do? Is it even true that washing your hair too often can cause damage you’re your mane? The answer is yes. The texture of your hair determines how often you should wash it. Your hair needs its essential oils to remain healthy and when you wash your hair too often you strip away those necessary oils.

Effects of washing your hair too often - San Ramon, CAHair Experts say that fine hair should be washed more often. This is because it does not hold its volume as well and it tends to get oily much quicker than thicker hair. Most hair stylists would recommend shampooing and the use of a light conditioner for fine hair about five times a week.

Those with thicker hair can go much longer without shampooing it. Every other day or even less is what is recommended for those individuals that have thick, straight hair. The oils and dirt don’t show up as quickly and washing your hair often can make your hair lose its luster.

Daily shampooing is perfectly fine for those with fine hair, an oily scalp, or a person living in a humid climate. If you are someone who exercises a lot and sweats, then it is recommended that you wash your hair more often.

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