No-Shave November for Cancer Awareness

mens hair loss replacement san ramon california hair patch - Beard Looking GoodAn excellent way to raise cancer awareness is through No-Shave November. Throughout the month of November, those participating swear off shaving as a way to bring out discussions about finding a cure for cancer. Most men grow beards to show their support but for some it may be a real battle to keep their whiskers soft and looking good. Below are five ways to maintain a soft beard throughout No-Shave November.

Keep Your Whiskers Clean. Cleaning your beard on a daily basis is important. This requires removing any food particles before they have an opportunity to dry into the facial hair. Although, shampooing ought to be restricted to just a few times each week. Too much shampooing can strip the facial hair of the essential oils that will keep it smooth and soft.

Apply Beard Oil. Applying beard oil every day is an excellent way to keep a softer beard. For beard styling most men use beard balm, which contains both beard wax and oil. It’s important to make sure the oil is messaged into your skin as well. Health of your beard is important when it comes to your beard looking good and beard oils help give it proper moisture.

Eat More Protein. Having a higher protein intake in your diet is a simple way to keep your beard soft and shiny. Protein will increase your testosterone, which is essential for healthier facial hair growth. High protein vegetables like spinach, broccoli and peas are excellent sources for obtaining healthy hair. In case you’re not wild about veggies, chicken and eggs are also packed full of protein.

Utilize a Boar Bristle Brush. The best brush to use on a beard is a boar bristle brush because it’s not as rough on your facial hair as a plastic brush. It is great for distributing existing oils in your skin all through your facial hair.

Keep It Trimmed. Regularly trimming your beard will lessen the development of split ends. Surprisingly, it’s actually better to use a good pair of scissors over a facial hair trimmer. Scissors will give you a cleaner and smoother cut. If you’re looking to cut off a large amount of hair, you’ll want to use facial hair trimmers. To avoid more split ends, refrain from overusing a blow dryer. These steps will help you keep your beard looking good.

If you decide to participate in No-Shave November, simply take the money you would normally spend on shaving supplies and donate it to

San Ramon Hair Loss Specialists

Participating in No-Shave November is a great way to support the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, this disease is all too common today. If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment it could be beneficial to reach out to a hair loss center. At Jeanie Gori Hair Replacement in San Ramon, we offer proven, individually customized men’s hair replacement options in a professional and caring environment. We invite you to schedule a free, private consultation today.