Almost all of us know a guy that is losing his hair. Male hereditary hair loss is a common medical condition that affects about 50 million American men. They can inherit this condition from either their mother’s or father’s side of the family. Clinically known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness has the classic sign of a receding hairline.

There are a lot of men that suffer in silence. Perhaps they want to ignore the issue or cover up the affected area with a hat. Hair loss can have a deep impact on the male psyche, more than they let on. Some men say the heck with it and shave their heads. Doing that does not get to the root of the problem.

Male Hair Loss - Non-Surgical Men's Hair Replacement - San Ramon, CAGuys like Mark Spellman in San Ramon can go through a lot of turmoil when it comes to hair loss. “My hair loss made me have a real sense of being insecure,” he said. “I always felt like everyone was looking at me and my hair loss.” Mark’s paranoia is common with balding men. When men begin to lose their hair they feel like everyone’s looking at their heads. It robs them of their confidence.

At Jeanne Gori Hair Replacement we have had patients tell them that they started feeling self-conscious when they realized their hair was thinning. They would avoid doing things that they thought would make their hair loss look worse, like going swimming.

With men, the typical pattern we see with androgenic alopecia in me starts at the hairline and the hair recedes to form an “M” shape. The hair eventually becomes finer, shorter, and thinner until a horseshoe pattern of hair is around the sides and back of the head.

Taking the first steps

Non-surgical hair replacements offers men a solution to cover the bald areas that have developed. The hair systems are custom-made for each patient and their specific hair loss needs. By the time a man gets to 50 years old, he can expect to experience a 50 percent chance of hair loss. Hair loss is very common and more and more men are looking for solutions.

Most men try over-the-counter treatments to start with and often within six months they get depressed again as the results are not want they wanted. That is when they often look for other options. Initiating contact with a hair replacement studio can be a dramatic boost for some.

Regardless of what hair loss treatment you pursue, it’s best to start by seeing your doctor, as hair loss can sometimes be a symptom of a larger health issue.

Whether you are looking for hair loss solutions in Walnut Creek, California or are investigating hair replacement options in Castro Valley, California, if you’re considering trying a hair system and want to learn more, contact us today.