When women begin to lose their hair, they may think that stress or a lack of proper nutrition is behind it. That could be true, but what many women don’t realize is that female pattern baldness exists and that most women are likely to get it in some form.

Female Pattern Baldness San Ramon Causes of Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern baldness is genetic, but the hormone changes that menopause brings can set it into motion or make it even more noticeable. For example, androgens are sex hormones that may change in menopause, and they play a role in both male and female pattern baldness.

Other risk factors include smoking and exposing hair to damaging treatment. These actions can accelerate pattern baldness that is already occurring. For instance, perming or bleaching can lead to hair damage and breakage. Likewise, smoking may damage hair follicles. Medications, a lack of iron in the diet and an excessive amount of sun exposure to the head may also exacerbate a woman’s pattern baldness.

What Is Female Pattern Baldness?

Pattern hair loss is the main cause of hair loss and thinning hair in women, just as it is for men. However, pattern baldness reveals itself differently between the sexes. With women, hair begins to thin at their part lines, then hair at the top of the head begins to thin out in a diffuse pattern. Near-total baldness and receding hairlines are rare for women.

There are three types of pattern baldness. Type I has the least thinning, while Type III has the most. Nearly all woman experience pattern hair loss at some point, often after menopause. That said, it can show up as early as after puberty.

If a woman sees a professional female hair loss specialist soon after she starts noticing hair loss, it may be possible to slow or stop pattern baldness. The woman might even be able to regrow some of her hair. A diagnosis of female pattern baldness usually requires only a visual exam, although a blood test may be necessary if another culprit could be behind the hair loss.

Of course, it is good news that early detection can slow or stop the hair loss. Also, noninvasive methods such as different hairstyles and wigs can reduce the emotional impact.

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