Understanding and treating hair loss has become a billion-dollar industry. In the last few years, scientists have found out a lot about hair and how people lose it. Over the years there have been several different myths that have been floating around. Hair loss facts and not myths help you make better decisions about your hair and hair health. Here are 10 myths that have been proven wrong.

Hats Can Cause Hair Loss:

Hair follicles get oxygen from within the bloodstream, not the outside hair. Wearing a hat does not hamper that and it does not cause baldness.

You Inherent Baldness from Your Mother’s Side

According to the Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration, they state that you are slightly more likely to inherit baldness from your mother’s side however; it can come from either your mother’s side or your father’s side.

Baldness Skips One Generation.

Male and female pattern baldness is not entirely understood. Some believe that hair loss skips a generation when in fact there is nothing that supports this. If your father is bald then you should expect not to have a full head of hair.

Hair Loss Facts for Men and Women - San Ramon, CA

The Use of Hairspray and Gel Can Cause Balding

Because these types of products have been in use for decades this rumor has picked up momentum. Mainly this has happened because these products often have harmful chemicals in them. There is absolutely no evidence that supports these assumptions.

Hair Loss Caused by Birth-Control Pills

Hair loss facts like this is not exactly false. Hair follicles are sensitive to progesterone (A hormone in birth control pills) could cause hair loss problems for some women.

Thinning Hair Caused by Stress

Excessive amounts of stress can cause hair loss to some, but it is not permanent hair loss. The medical term used to define this type of stress-related hair loss is Telogen Effluvium. A stressful day here or there is not what would cause hair loss.

It is Possible to Grow Hair Follicles

There are different hair restoration procedures to help men and women suffering from hair loss. Hair follicle growth is not one of them. Once the hair follicle dies it can not be restored. This is one of the reasons to address hair loss as soon as possible.

Losing Hair is Caused by Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism, the disease is also known as an underactive thyroid that can cause hair loss. There are medications that a doctor can prescribe that will help with the problem.

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